Monday, February 20, 2017

It's almost March!

While 2016 seemed to go on forever, 2017 is zipping right along.  The pets and myself have been doing well, watching turkeys out the back window, playing in the snow and of course painting! 

I've added three recent portraits to my pet's tab.  All my pet portraits are a unique creative experience with their own pleasures and challenges. recently I have been thinking about taking a step back and returning to the practices of abstract painting & mixed media....with a liberal number of pet portraits in the mix.  
Burdy and Jelly in a quiet moment.
Both my pets are rescues, as were those before them.  I believe in speaking for those who have no voice.  This voice speaks for wild animals that are so horribly impacted by the legal use of leg-hold traps. This voice speaks against lawmakers threatening to eliminate the Endangered Species Act. I always believe in acting locally as well as globally and so my local action is to donate 15% of any pet portrait commissioned in 2017 to Almost Home Rescue and Rehab Dog Sanctuary .  Globally I will continue to persist in any way that I can to be a voice for all species. 

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